Tamil Nadu State Tennis Championship for Men and Women

Indium Software (India) Private Limited is sponsoring the Tamil Nadu State TennisChampionship for Men and Women. This State Ranking Event is  to be conducted under the auspices of TamilNadu Tennis Association in the week of 11thJuly 2022at the SDAT Tennis Stadium, Nungambakkam, Chennai and is the highest prize money event ever held for this category with Rs. 450000/- to be given away. The event  should go a long way in inspiring tennis talent in the State.

The weeklong event will begin with QualifyingMatch being played from 9thJuly onwards. The Main Draw matches will begin on 11th July 2022 and the finals will be held on Saturday the 16th July. The State Championship will be a closed event for Tamil Nadu players.

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  1. Eligibility:
  2. He or she should have been born on or before 31st December 2007.
  3. Entries can be sent by all players who are already registered with TNTA, registered with AITA under state of TN as on 1stJune 2022(not registered with TNTA), or having an Aadhar card with their name and TN address. (Not registered with AITA or TNTA)


  1. TNTA Registration is a must for all participating players. From 1stJune 2022,a Registration fee  will be levied which will be valid upto 31st December 2024.


  1. For Those who have already registered with TNTA –. They will need to provide their TNTA Registration Number and can pay the registration fee of Rs.1180/- inclusive GST during the sign in for this tournament.


  1. For those not registered with TNTA (whether registered with AITA or not), TNTA registration can be done on the spot while sign in. They need  to fill up the relevant form, provide a copy of their Aadhar card/ passport with address from Tamil Nadu, copy of a valid birth certificate and pay the registration fee of Rs. 2360/- inclusive  GST.  For this purpose, player is advised to carry the originals for purpose of verification.


Advantages of TNTA Registration:

  1. Name will be included in the TNTA Ranking list based on performance and Ranking rules.

2.Enable Participation in State Ranking or such other inter District tournaments held in TN.

  1. Any Benefits like discount in sports stores or any other that may be decided from time to time.
  2. Events to be conducted ,Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women Singles,                Women Doubles,
  3. Entry to be sent by email should contain: 1. Name / 2. Address/3. Mobile no. /4. TNTA registration number or AITA registration number( only registered under TN State) or aadhar card with same name and TN address to be sent to :   tntatennis1964@gmail.com


  1. The Entry fee: Rs.500/- for singles and Rs.500/- per pair for doubles .


  1. AITA rankings will be used to confirm the Main Draw list.


  1. Singles Main Draw Will consist of 32 players , 20 direct, 8 qualifiers ,4 wild cards. Qualifying will be open.


  1. Doubles Main Draw will be 28 direct, 4 wild cards – no qualifying


10.. Sign in - for qualifying will be done on Friday 8th July 2022between 12noon - 2pm and Sign in for main Draw will take place on Sunday 10th July between 12noon - 2pm.


  1. TN State Ranking points for this tournament for single s event will be as follows: Winner: 50/Runner up - 25/Semifinalist -15/Quarter finalist -10/Second round -5//

First round: 1


12.Tennis Ball to be used, Wilson Tour Premier.



  1.  The Prize Money Schedule/Points table:
Position Men Women TNTA Points
Singles  Winner 75000x1 75000x1 50
Singles Runner up 40000x1 40000x1 25
Singles Semi finalist 20000x2 20000x2 15
Quarter finalist 10000x4 10000x4 10
 Second round     5
First round 1
Doubles winner per pair 20000x1 20000x1  
Doubles runner up per pair 10000x1 10000x1  
Total        225000 225000  

Grand total





  1. Paulraj Saravanan will be the Referee


Tamil Nadu Tennis Association,
c/o SDAT Tennis Stadium, Lake Area,
Nungambakkam, Chennai -600034
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